I had NO idea that there was an underground movement to bring Xena back via movie. Apparently, last year in an interview BAD ASS actress Lucy Lawless even detailed how she would want it to go. I have suddenly come down with Xena fever and nothing will cure it except seeing her on the big screen! PLUS, if it ends up going Lucy’s way, they will reinvent the brand and give us a whole new Warrior Princess franchise to drool over for years to come. UPDATE: here is an even more recent interview

I mean, how AMAZING would that be. My 10 year old self (who used to eat dinner in my parents room on the floor so I could watch Xena on the 2nd TV) is manifesting herself as we speak. Until the movie comes to the masses, you will find me re-watching old Xena episodes on Netflix and drowning my impatience in ice cream and Little Debbie snack cakes. That’s how 10 year old me would have wanted it.

So what can we do to get what we want? Here is a list of sites I found supporting this totally righteous cause –



Facebook Xena Movie Campaign

Facebook Xena Movie Fans

Twitter Xena Movie Fans

Tumblr: Xena Movie Campaign

AND Sign the petition (I was signer #7172)


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7 thoughts on “Did You Know People are Campaigning for a NEW XENA MOVIE?!

    1. Thanks for spreading the word! I’ve been telling everyone I know who even had a remote interest. A Xena movie would make the world a better place 🙂

      1. Any time! 😀 and a Xena movie would make the world a better place! Even though it’s been almost 14 years since the show ran, the following only seems to be getting bigger and lezbehonest- there wouldn’t be harm in bringing it back because the tv companies would make a ton of money since most of us (I cannot speak for everyone, but I can only assume) would probably pay a lot to see Xena again.

        They are happy with money, we’d be happy with Xena! 😀

  1. And why wouldn’t they be? It is one of the more worthy campaigns out there! Thank you for following my blog, I enjoy yours, a combo of camp, pop culture, feminism with some intellectualism you cannot hide! Enjoy your Little Debbies!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to have you as one of my followers as well. I will try to keep my Debbie stash hidden, but my SO has a sixth sense for snack cakes, lol

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