Movement, Power and Grace via Nia

In the first newsletter I received from my then soon-to-be Nia (Non-impact aerobics) instructor, she talked about how Nia allows you to dance with both yin and yang. Both the masculine, and the feminine. On reading her words in the newsletter I thought, “Well golly this sure makes it sound like Nia has been tailor made… Read More

Of Laser Beams and Harry Potter

I’m laying on a table in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis with a laser pointed at my face, the stench of freshly singed hair wafting up my nose as my beard was zapped away. The 2012 election was drawing close and I’m feeling comfortable talking politics because where I am geographically allows me to assume political… Read More

Being a Pilot is for Girls Too

Listening in on the Air Traffic Control broadcast from my local airport I was recently pleased to hear both a female controller and female pilot talking to each other. I knew what I was hearing was rare, because while preparing this very article I learned from the Federal Aviation Administration that in 2010 there were 202,020 active private pilots in the US and 13,566 of… Read More

Of Men, Women, SCRUM and Violent Communication

As a feminine, female Software Engineer I’ve become occupied with the question of just why is it that my field is so predominantly male? Since watching the recent kerfuffle around the book “Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer” unfold and the subsequent emergence of the hashtag #feministhackerbarbie, my desire to say something that could be part of a constructive conversation has only… Read More

A Time Capsule and National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) has been taking place during each November since 1999. Its participants are challenged with writing 50,000 words during November in order to win. My own personal word count is currently at 25,000 so I found myself with time to make a post here. The halfway point also strikes me as a good opportunity for… Read More