C.A. Hartman, F-BOM Author Spring 2018

I’m a huge fan of F-BOM and loved being an F-BOM featured author. Lindsey and Cecelia are great to work with, and they go out of their way to not only make the experience fun and easy for authors but also to bring attention to great sci-fi and fantasy books written by amazing authors. I’ve… Read More

A. H. Wang, F-BOM Author Winter 2019

I have nothing but praises for F-BOM and its founders, Lindsey Taveren and Cecelia Isaac. Being a first-time indie author, everything was a bit daunting as I published my debut novel. I’d prepared myself for disappointment, knowing the likelihood of my book buried under a sea of countless other titles on the infinite Amazon market.… Read More

Fiona JR Titchenell, F-BOM Author Summer 2018

Being chosen as an F-BOM featured author has been an emotional highlight of my career. I don’t think I’d realized how much I’d gotten used to arguing with sci-fi/fantasy publishers about broaching female-specific topics and breaking sexist formulas until I got a taste of not arguing with F-BOM. Read More