F-BOM’s September & October Book of the Month is Death Came to Dinner by Dahlia Rose

Meet Aurora Cosme, a New Orleans resident and aura reader. After being hit by lightning and dying a few times she came back to life, changed. Aurora is light sensitive, she has the sight and she talks to ghosts. One happens to be her best friend Madame Laveau aka Lovie. Don’t ask how that friendship happened. She reads auras and tea-leaves in the parlor of her three story Victorian house in the 4th ward of New Orleans. But compared to the fact that she could be in the great beyond by now, Aurora counted herself as lucky.

A young woman named Lenore Dash stepped into her parlor and aura was as bright as her personality. Her story was, she was about to die and in Aurora house mind you. In that white aura, she saw the outline of angel wings and then a dark entity took her, one from long ago. It was time to don one of her designer sunglasses and clear her name. There was one additional problem, FBI agent Andrew Garrett. The Boston born officer of the law didn’t believe in the things that went on in New Orleans or Aurora. The fact that Lovie didn’t like him and their growing attraction, well that was three problems, wasn’t it? Blast it! She’d find away to help the young woman even though her beautiful light was snuffed out and the other problems would have to solve themselves.

Learn more about Dahlia Rose:

Dahlia Rose is the USA Today best-selling multi genre author from Urban fantasy to Romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados and now currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her life revolves around her five kids, who she affectionately nicknamed “The Children of the Corn” and her husband and longtime love who is also a honorable retired Army veteran. She has a love of dark fantasy, sci-fi, and the things that go bump in the night, all the while giving her characters the happy ending in love they deserve. With over seven dozen books published Dahlia has become a reader favorite. Not only because of her writing but her vivacious attitude in talking to her fans online and at various events. Her books feature strong heroines with a Caribbean or African American culture, that is showcased in the vibrancy of her words. Books and writing are her biggest passions, and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books.

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