Activism & Awareness Building

A Glance at Women in Gaming History

Being a Pilot is for Girls Too

Elsa S. Henry’s Blind Lady Versus Is Changing The Gaming Industry

Going Beyond the Bechdel Test: Her Story Arc’s Scale of Inclusivity

How to Pierce the Veil of Patriarchy

Humanism and Egalitarianism: are they Feminist Umbrellas?

No Perfect Face

Pinterest and the Fairer Sex

Slacktivism and the Male Feminist

Yoga: a Tool for Advocacy

You are What You Think

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

The Wedding Surname Revolution

When Benevolent Sexism is Mistaken for Female Empowerment


The 3rd, 4th and 5th Gender

Grounded: What it Feels Like for a (Trans)Girl

Sliding Across Genders, Waxing on Feminism

Sliding Across Genders: STEM, Femme and Feminism

 Feminism Around the World

German Edition

 Feminist Lifestyle

Composting: Nature’s Digestion

Doing the ‘Bramance’ Right (Or Why Parks and Recreation is a Revelation)

The Feminist Funderwear Party

The Green Bride

Growing up Geek: The Origin Story

How I Proposed to my Boyfriend

Keeping Up With Myself

Maybe She’s Born with it, Maybe it’s Mary Kay

Movement, Power, and Grace via NIA

Newly Married: How We Chose a New Last Name

Of Men, Women, SCRUM and Violent Communication

Short Hair with a Long Tale

Trust-falling with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and other women I’m thankful for

Want It All? Don’t Mind If I Do.

We Need A Bowel Movement Ladies

We’ve Got To AC-CENT-uate the Positive

Wherefore Art Thou “Leader”?

Why I Keep My Cookies Frozen

Take Back the Cloth: Empowerment Through Cosplay

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