These days an online presence is an important part of self-marketing, so I’ve dutifully joined a plethora of social media sites. My favorite right now is Pinterest. I have boards for Marketing for Writers, Inspiration for Writers, Fantasy Setting and Strange Creature boards, and so on. I love looking at cool pictures, quotes from my TV shows, and reading the excellent advice writers share with each other.

Star Wars: Invasion 10: Rescues, Part 5 cover art by Jo Chen
Star Wars: Invasion 10: Rescues, Part 5 cover art by Jo Chen

My favorite and also most-followed Pinterest board is called Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Unlike DIY Pinterest craft boards (or, in my case, DIY marketing) the links are not usually as important as the pictures I pin there. That board now has over four hundred pictures pinned to it, but when I first started it, I wondered if I should just delete the whole thing.

Rusalka by Kamil Jadczak
Rusalka by Kamil Jadczak

The problem was that I couldn’t find any pictures of women in SFF that weren’t the stereotypical over-sexed battle maidens of video games. The board sat for a long time with only a few pictures in it. Even though I liked the idea, I couldn’t make myself pin these pale representations of women. Where was Alanna? Or Cimorene or Leia or Daenerys or Buffy?

That seems safe
via rikkiragdoll

This problem is the same throughout Pinterest art. You can find art of men and boys in all forms, stylized and realistic, skateboarders and superheroes. You can also find oversexed men. But you have to hunt for them. When you type “women art” into Pinterest, you will be flooded with images of big-eyed girls, their shirts slipping off their shoulders. They bite their lips, they look over their shoulders as they enter the bedroom. Sometimes they don’t engage with the viewer at all but with a male partner. The male partner is often clothed, partially concealed, or facing the other way (or sometimes not even human) but the woman will always be drawn half-naked and presented toward the viewer.

Part of this comes from women’s bodies being “ornamental,” as Gloria Steinem put it. Women are drawn as beautiful (in a slim, normative, sexual understanding of the word) no matter what they (we) happen to be doing, and people seem to like it because that’s what they keep pinning! We believe women should be a certain kind of beautiful and it manifests in our art. And that’s art in general, not just SFF.

Lady Steam by Ian McQue
Lady Steam by Ian McQue

The longer I used Pinterest though, and the more I pinned the types of women I wanted to see, the more these women appeared on my feed. Now I have female space engineers and thieves and queens and magicians and captains and dragon-riders and lots of warrior women in all forms.

Are some of these images sexualized? Yes, of course. Most are beautiful in the conventional sense and the majority are white. But overall, the board has made big strides. As long as you’re willing to wade through the boring stuff, you will be able to find women represented in a thousand different ways. Keep looking!

Kesitah by Nicole Cadet
Kesitah by Nicole Cadet


**Note since writing this: The Women in SFF board has been shared with HerStoryArc’s Pinterest page so you can also find it here!


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8 thoughts on “Pinterest and the Fairer Sex

  1. Great article Celia! Always on the lookout for art for strong lady characters and they are sometimes hard to find.


  2. Fabulous post, Celia! I wanted to do the same, but when I’ve hunted for images to help me conceptualize characters, I’ve ran in to similar issues of over-sexualization. It seems to be a norm or expectation and so few people question it. Your quote below was an excellent summary of that idea.

    “We believe women should be a certain kind of beautiful and it manifests in our art. And that’s art in general, not just SFF.”

    Anyway, I’ll take your optimism and perhaps keep hunting for those positive, elusive images:)


    1. Thank you! It was nice to put into words what has been annoying me about Pinterest since the beginning. Seems like the best method is to just keep looking and be picky about what you pin!

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  3. I had this same issue. I started an “Awesome Women of Scifi” board, but I could only find a few women for it that didn’t look like sex objects. I kept looking like you said and have started to fill up a Fairy Tale themed board with a lot of tough, sword wielding ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

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