F-BOM novels are hand-selected by F-BOM staff for awesome storytelling and high-quality writing. But more than that–they’re books by self-identified women of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, and journeys. These are the stories of people whose voices and visions we aren’t often exposed to, because they have to fight so hard to get into the spotlight.

We are going to change that. We are going to celebrate these voices, and support their art. 30% of net membership profits go to the artist during the months their book is featured by F-BOM, so that not only will we be giving an indie author the complete spotlight three months at a time, they will also have the funds to keep making their art for a long time to come.


Will all the books be written by women? 

Yes, all books will be written by authors who identify as women.

Are all the authors self-published? 

Yes, all books selected have been self-published by the author.

What kind of books will you be selecting?

Right now F-BOM will be featuring novel-length Science Fiction and Fantasy books for a YA and/or Adult audience.

I’m a self-published author. How do I submit my book for consideration of the book of the month?

Check out our submissions page for more details and an author-specific FAQ.

Will you have YA books?

Right now F-BOM will be featuring novel-length Science Fiction and Fantasy books for a YA and/or Adult audience.

Why do you only have science fiction and fantasy genres?

It is our dream to expand to other genres, but we are currently focusing on the genres we know best while we build our membership.

Why only six books per year? 

As a new face in the self-publishing market it will take us time to build up a steady flow of author submissions to support a monthly book release.

How is F-BOM helping authors? 

One of the biggest challenges a self-published author faces is exposure. While it’s never been easier to publish a book online, the volume of competition makes it difficult for talented authors to rise above the fray. For women, especially women from marginalized populations, that difficulty is compounded. F-BOM lifts up talented authors and puts the spotlight on them for three months, at zero cost to the author (unlike other marketing services), and then puts 30% of the net membership profits in their pocket.

By subscribing to F-BOM you are choosing to support women from all walks of life share their voice and their stories. The bigger our membership, the more money goes back to the author. It is our long term goal to increase the author profit percentage to 50%.

So the author’s get 30% of the net membership profits – is that as good as other platforms? 

F-BOM has no peer for comparison. While other markets might offer a higher royalty percentage (such as Kindle Direct) no other market can guarantee the book will be purchased and read. Authors that F-BOM hand-picks to contract with have already put time and money into their books. F-BOM delivers them an audience (that’s you!) while putting money in their pocket at the same time. The author gets all the benefits of a professional marketing campaign with none of the costs.

If I place my print membership today, when will the first book arrive?  

We will ship your book the next business day using USPS Media Mail. Typically Media Mail takes between 5-7 business days to arrive. 

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