Can’t get enough science fiction, fantasy, and feminism? F-BOM is excited to announce our new flash fiction contest! Topics will be released quarterly and submissions will be judged by an F-BOM author.

Check out the submission guidelines and contest rules below to enter. More of a reader? Winners will be posted in our blog!


Fall Contest (December 2017)

Guest Judge: Intisar Khanani

Topic: Magic Always Has a Price

Contest Opens: Accepting submissions now! Scroll down for details.

Closed for Submissions: 11:59PM on Friday, December 15th

Prizes: First place: Three months of F-BOM e-book membership, a hard copy of Memories of Ash, and a handmade book tile with a passage from Sunbolt, and publication in the F-BOM blog

Second place: Three months of F-BOM e-book membership, a hard copy of Memories of Ash, and publication in the F-BOM blog

Winter Contest (March 2018)

Guest Judge: Revealed January 1st, 2018

Topic: Revealed February, during our Facebook Live interview

Contest Opens: Immediately after the Facebook Live interview

Closed for Submissions: 11:59PM on Thursday, March 15th

Prizes: ???????


Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines

  1. This is a FLASH fiction contest, so entries must be under 100 words. Entries over 100 words will be rejected.
  2. The contest is open to any gender, not just those who identify as women.
  3. Entries should be well-edited, formatted properly, and take the topic into consideration. Only entries that conform to submission requirements will be sent along to our guest judges.
  4. Submissions may be sent pasted into the body of an email. Please include the title of your work, your real name, and the name you would like published along with your story. Send entries to
  5. Winning stories will be published on F-BOM’s blog, Her Story Arc. Please note in your email submission if you would prefer your story not be published, or if you would not like your real name to be included.
  6. All decisions made by judges are final.
  7. By submitting, you are agreeing to all contest rules.
  8. Contest rules are subject to change.


Past Contests

Inaugural contest (September 2017)

Guest Judge: LJ Cohen

Topic: Space Opera

Congratulations to our winners, Lynn Vandermeer and RJ Rugroden! Read their stories here!