To change the face of the publishing industry we need YOU–great women artists who love writing fantasy battles or science fiction explorations. You have worked hard to perfect your novel and all it needs now are readers. F-BOM readers have been looking for diverse voices, they’ve been looking for women’s stories, and they’ve been looking for their next great read. In short – they’ve been looking for you.

If you would like to recommend a self-published author to us, please fill out our book recommendation form

Authors who are interested in working with F-BOM can email with:

  • a short explanation of who you are and what you write
  • a summary of your novel, and
  • the full text of your novel in epub or PDF format.

We will read your submission and let you know if we think you’re the right fit for us.


Authors selected by F-BOM work with us to reach the audience they can’t get to alone. You’ll keep 30% of the net profit and 100% of the copyright to your work. For three months your book will be the star of the show. This isn’t the faceless world of traditional publishing. We’re looking for long-term partners whose art empowers our readers for years to come.


Are only women allowed to submit their novels? 

Yes, we will only consider works written by those who identify as a woman.

Are all the authors self-published? 

Yes, we will only consider self-published works.

Does the author have to pay anything? 

The author does not pay F-BOM anything. F-BOM pays for all the overhead, printing, and marketing costs up front.

How much will I get paid? 

We pay authors 30% of net profits the months their book is featured.

Is there a contract I have to sign? 

Yes, we have a contract that lays out the obligations of F-BOM and the author. By submitting your book to us you are not entering into a contract. If we read your book and decide it has F-BOM potential, we’ll then follow up with you and send you a copy of the contract. We will answer any questions regarding specific terms until both parties are ready to sign.

What about copyright? 

F-BOM does not in any way limit or change an author’s copyright ownership. The author can continue selling their book as usual even during the F-BOM period (the months the book is featured). The F-BOM contract is a license agreement, which allows F-BOM to print and distribute copies of the author’s work. F-BOM does have all authors write additional “special material” (i.e. a forward, extra chapter, behind the scenes takes, etc.) which F-BOM contracts for exclusivity of distribution during the F-BOM period.

How does book printing work? 

F-BOM pays for the printing and distribution costs, which are then deducted from sales before allocating profits.

Is there a question this page didn’t answer? Email with your question and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.