Jenn Gott Interview Two: Writing, Publishing, and Feminism

“[Feminism] definitely informs every part of my writing. Any character in my books that is of real deep importance is gonna be a woman…heroes, villains, everything in between. I did that for years…and it wasn’t until I was about 30 that I realized that that was kind of a radical act.” “Chaos writer” Jenn Gott… Read More

Jenn Gott Interview Part One: Icebreakers

It’s time to learn more about our July/August author partner Jenn Gott! To kick off our interview series, we start with some icebreakers. What is Jenn’s favorite summer activity? What Marvel movie does this superhero-writer love most? And how does she survive co-working with her husband? Find out in Part One of our interview series… Read More

Lauren L. Garcia Interview Three: Spoiler-FULL Interview

You’ve been warned! Do not watch this interview until after you’ve finished Catalyst Moon: Incursion. We talked to Lauren about the ending of the novel, whatever happens to [REDACTED], and more spoilers. At the very end, we reveal the flash fiction contest topic, before any non-members get to hear it (13 min). See Part One… Read More

Lauren L. Garcia Interview Two: Writing, Publishing, and Feminism

“Yes, feminism absolutely influences my writing…It’s just important. It’s important to me that there are books out there where women and young girls can read them and feel like they belong.” We’ve already asked Lauren where her ideas come from in this blog post, but you can hear her answer “live” and in person in… Read More