I did it. I caved in and signed up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime so I could watch the first season of BBC’s Orphan Black that everyone has been going on about. This afternoon I was on the edge of my seat with a chip hanging out of my mouth for over twenty minutes (actually happened). And I was only on episode 4. I still have 6 to go! I will probably have to be peeled of the ceiling with a crowbar when I finish the season finale.

In other words, this show lives up to the hype.

Where to begin? Without giving too much away, our main protagonist Sarah Manning is down on her luck and on the run from her poor life choices as well as an abusive relationship. She is a punk with a foul mouth and an attitude, and the willingness to act to back it up. Her already crazy is life soon pales in comparison to the world she is introduced to in the first episode. Her entire perception of who she is, her origins (she is a foster child), and the world around her are up-heaved when she witnesses a woman commit suicide. After that moment she is constantly on the run, covering her tracks, and in over her head. I assume her life up to this point wasn’t sunshine and roses, but I doubt she was intimately familiar with fraud, impersonation, theft, gun fire, and cleaning up the mess afterwards. Sarah no longer has one identity, but two, and who knows how many more?

This show gets my firm endorsement in its handling of the main character. She is complicated, she has a rough past, she is unapologetic, she is tough, she is smart, and she owns the show from start to finish. I wish I could tell you more about her… um… friends that she meets, but that would give too much away!

So that means you must watch it, so I can start talking spoilers with ya, ok? 😉


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