Most likely thanks to the courageous moxie* of one little girl, Lego released this brand new “Research Institute” set featuring three woman scientists studying chemistry, astronomy, and paleontology over the weekend. Selling for only $19.99 the set is already out of stock on the Lego website. Hmm… who would have thought little girls and their parents would be interested in *gasp* toys that AREN’T PINK and feature SMART WOMEN. I never would have guessed. Those last two sentences are sarcasm.

In September 2013 Scientific American published a piece by author or the sake of keeping my good mood, I’m not going to talk about the failings of the Lego Movie that came out earlier this year. However, I will say that the director has admitted there is a problem and promises the sequel will be better.

And in case you missed it, a few years ago a video of a little girl ranting in the toy aisle about the gendered advertising of children’s toys will make your afternoon a bit brighter. It just goes to show that the marketing departments of these toy companies can no longer  rely on the excuse “we only make (insert lazy gendered stereotype) toys because that’s what the consumers want”.

As more and more and more awareness builds regarding the awful gender stereotyping of children’s toys and advertising, I am hopeful that more toys like the “Research Institute” will be released. Big companies like Toys “R” Us are starting to listen as well, albeit in the European market.

If you want to learn more about campaigning for gender-stereotype-free toys, check out Let Toys Be Toys and Growing Up Gendered.


*I realize the phrase “courageous moxie” is oxymoronic. I don’t care. She deserves both titles!


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