Do you have a smartphone? A computer? Anything with a screen that is connected to the internet? Then you need to check this out. The Grassroots Girls Book Club brings the stories of girls around the world to us as graphic novels. These novels are free to view online or even download, ensuring they are as accessible as possible to the online masses. Each graphic novel is illustrated by a different graphic artist, whose backgrounds are as diverse as the stories they are telling. It’s not clear from the website if each girl worked directly with their artist or not, but I submitted that question to the Book Club in hopes they will elaborate on how the graphic novels were made.

What the site does tell us is that:

Each girl co-authored her own story, choosing the story arc, crafting the dialogue and selecting photos to later be illustrated by a diverse group of emerging female artists. Together we built the first draft using a comic book app. Having the girls closely involved in the development of their stories was paramount in this project: These are their stories, in their words.

This is a pretty cool project all around. It tells the story of girls who otherwise would not have a platform to speak from, it helps the careers of the emerging female artists, and it also introduces us to some of the cool things organizations are doing in these other countries. Spread the word and stories of these girls by sharing the url: http://grassrootsgirls.tumblr.com/ with your friends .

The book club is supported by the Grassroots Girls Initiative, which was launched by the Nike Foundation in 2006 and whose funding is provided by a partnership of six organizations.




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