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Warning: Spoilers

Be sure to check out the Sailor Moon Crystal Page for reviews of Acts I through VI in case you missed them!

Aw, young, reincarnated love! Act 7 started right where Act 6 left off.  Usagi wakes up in Mamoru’s bedroom, and in a scene that felt like it dragged on forever, they share knowing looks and Usagi clutches her hand to her chest. It felt unnecessarily long and also awkward. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty realistic in a lot of ways. I can think of lots of long awkward pauses in my own life when I was in the presence of guys I thought were cute. I also wasn’t ever under the stress of PTSD and fighting for the future of the planet either.

Despite this slow start I found myself emotionally involved with the episode not long after.

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Mamoru feeling angsty

In typical Dark Kingdom style, the villains operate behind the store front of “Dark Video Rental” and brainwash citizens into finding Sailor Moon when they watch the DVDs they rent. More interesting this time is the insight we gain into Queen Beryl’s motivations. I know all you manga fans are probably like “duh, we knew this already”, but I never really got into the manga despite owning most of the books. For me, it was new to discover that Queen Beryl is operating with cross purposes to Queen Metallia, and is hoping to use the Legendary Silver Crystal to make herself more powerful rather than fuel Queen Metalia’s consumption of the universe.

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Umino going bonkers after watching the Dark Kingdom DVD

There were definitely some laugh out loud moments in the show too. When Usagi gets ketchup on her face I thought it was a bit overdone, but I  chuckled when she freaks out that the Sailor V videogame avatar is giving her instructions again.

The best parts of this episode were in the second half. I was actually worried when the citizens of Tokyo started smashing windows and running through the streets. It had a post-apocalyptic zombie feel and I was legitimately concerned.

Sailor Moon’s new found confidence was readily apparent in her decision to transform, and then rid her classmates of the Dark Kingdom’s spell using Moon Healing Escalation. This is a much more mature Usagi than I am used to seeing! She showed no fear when Zoisite appeared, and was ready to attack him. The POV shot of Sailor Moon as she is losing consciousness was a really nice touch, and gave the show a lot of realism.

And BTW how badass was Tuxedo Mask’s punch to Zoisite’s face? Truly a great moment in Sailor Moon history! I was tense throughout the entire encounter. Tuxedo Mask’s realization that Usagi, not the Legendary Silver Crystal, was important to him was touching. I kept expecting Sailor Moon to do something amazing when Zoisite was about to crush her, but Sailor Venus swooped in to save the day instead. I quite liked how she clutches the crescent moon in her hand after her attack.

And woah – Sailor Venus is mistaken as Princess Serenity? I had no idea! When the credits started rolling I simply stared at the screen thinking, “It’s over already?! NO!” I can’t wait until Act 8: Minako (Sailor Venus). What about you guys and gals? Did you enjoy the episode?

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