How many times have you scrolled through your Facebook feed, Twitter account, and news websites only to find yourself depressed afterwards?

Once you’ve embraced feminist thought and theory it becomes difficult to stop thinking about all the issues, especially in the face of sexual assault statistics, domestic violence, public shaming of victims, and poor representation of women in media. It’s hard not to ruminate on all the bad stuff. It can even be cathartic to rage hate at the latest piece of viral news making its way across Jezebel and Feministing. I’m grateful to both of those sites (and many others!) that provide the space to have the important (and sometimes not-so-important, but still entertaining) conversations regarding these issues which are so near and dear to our hearts and minds. I’m glad we have spaces on the internet we can commiserate together.

But sometimes, a girl just needs a break from the bad. The goal of HerStoryArc is to focus on all the positive gains being made by women and girls, around the world and across multiple disciplines and spheres of knowledge. So I am happy to announce the launch of the HerStoryArc Newsletter.

Until now our followers have been limited to the WordPress subscribe option, which results in an email every time we post something new on the site. The HerStoryArc Newsletter is a huge improvement on this method, sending you post highlights every other week, alongside curated links from around the feminist blog-o-sphere.

So if you need a cure for the feminist blues, we’ve got your back. Sit back, relax, have a piece of chocolate, and subscribe to HerStoryArc. We’ll bring some positivity right to you!



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