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Hello there, I’m new here and I can’t wait for this place to feel at home. I’m bringing over one of my favorite series from Nerdette At Large, My Nerdy lifestyle blog. Fangirling is a series where I choose an influential female Fictional Role model and tell you why she’s awesome. Lets go on an eleven issue journey, to discover whats Fangirl worthy about Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi.


Maps Mizoguchi is a character from Gotham Academy. Gotham Academy is a Mystery Adventure Title from DC and features a diverse cast. One of my favorite titles of 2015, it shouldn’t be any mystery why I had to write about Maps in the new year.

Maps is the younger sister of Olive’s Ex-Boyfriend, Tennis Star Kyle. She is introduced in the first issue and is assigned Olive as her nanny. She is such an adorable character; a great yin to Olive’s much more brooding Yang. It is very similar to my childhood pairings of Dick Grayson’s cheerful Robin to Bruce Wayne’s brooding Batman. One of the biggest things that I like about Maps is her massive imagination and how optimistic she is. Always ready to help Olive on her journey to find out more about her mother, she is the embodiment of curiosity.


Mia Mizoguchi get her nickname “Maps” for her love of cartography and her yen for exploring. She’s so curious about everything. Although, she is the youngest character she isn’t treated like a baby. After issue one she becomes one of the gang. During the summer, Maps runs her own adventure club, similar to eagle scouts, so she is very knowledgeable about adventuring. I love how no matter what they are going to get into Maps is always prepared.

I absolutely love how nerdy Maps is. When she asks the kid at the lunch table if he could draw her Serpents and Spells character… – Can we just pause and smile at that? DC has a Dungeons and Dragons counterpart and people play that in Gotham. Maybe it’s just me but that brought this huge grin to my face. I’m so in love with her enthusiasm; she doesn’t seem to have any reservations about talking to new people and she is so excited about the world around her that it doesn’t occur to her to be nervous. Its an attribute I wish I had.

Her lack of nervousness comes in hand, as she is very James Bond Like in recruiting people to begin solving the mysteries of the North Hall. I also enjoy that gender roles don’t affect or matter to her. She comes to the dance with her roommate as her date, dressed in a tux. This comic is breath of fresh air for readers who are tired of having a useless female cast or heroine.

One of my absolutely favorite things about Maps is that she is so open to new things. I love all of the cameos she has with the bat family. Red Robin, and Damian, and more later on. If you haven’t been reading Gotham Academy make sure to put it in your pull list. Do you enjoy Puzzles or mysteries? You’ll love reading Gotham Academy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting Maps.

Have you already been reading Gotham Academy? Who are your favorite characters? What were some of your favorite parts? Tell me below in the comments, or lets talk about it on Twitter! 

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