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I know I have been away from a bit, but different characters have been bouncing around in my head! I’ve been thinking about who should have been the next fangirl post should be about. During my break from blogging I watched a humongous amount of television, films and anime. So many series with great female role models that I’ve been brainstorming the next several fangirling posts.  I have decided on Sakurako Kujou because she’s amazing. If you haven’t seen Beautiful Bones, its an amazing detective anime and you should go watch it on Hulu or Crunchyroll as soon as possible.


Sakurako is the picture of calm cool and collected. She has that “I am comfortable in myself, that I don’t need others perceptions of me to feel validated” feel. She has the type of self-esteem that I strive for. I think that as you get older, your circle gets smaller because you have decided who and what you need in your life and you don’t feel as bad about cutting out what is unnecessary. Sakurako has already learned this and only allows two people into her heart, but has room for more if someone should show themselves as worthy.

Her intelligence. Sakurako is the intellectual model that I aspire to be. Razor sharp wit and deduction skills that would make Sherlock jealous. I would love to see her go head to head with Jimmy Kudo or Hajime Kindaichi. That would be a crossover I’d LOVE to see.  Her mastery of the human and animal anatomy is unparalleled, and not only does she know the facts, but she is willing to teach you as well. Her grasp of logic and quick critical thinking is definitely an attribute that I wish I possessed.


Her innate knack for discovering a murder mystery. She goes out for shrimp and stumbles upon a human skull. She goes out for yogurt and bam! She finds an unidentified human corpse. Her luck is incredible; she’ll never be without work. Maybe it’s just the detective dork in me, but I wish I had that kind of luck. I’d love to stumble upon mysteries that need solving in my area. Perhaps even be a consultant for the police force!

Sakurako Koujo is the epitome of a self-sufficient, highly intelligent and independent woman. Her skills are an asset to anyone who comes to her for help and although she has no problem being alone, she also knows that she shouldn’t go the journey by herself. Beautiful Bones is beautifully written, and I am impatiently waiting for Season two with bated breath. If you’d like more information about Beautiful Bones you can read my review.

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3 thoughts on “Fangirling: Why Sakurako Kujou should be your intellectual role model.

  1. While I like her as a character and find it refreshing that she enjoys intellectual pursuits, she isn’t a very well rounded infidividual and struggles with the more social side of human life.

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    1. I honestly like that about her. You don’t need to like everyone all the time. There is nothing wrong with someone who feels like being a social human being isn’t the most important thing.

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      1. True, it isn’t the most important thing but being able to interact with others is an essential life skill and she very seldom demonstrates even a basic understanding of how to do so. This would seriously hinder anyone in the pursuit of their goals in the long term.


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