Here at HSA we love our nerdy feminist TV and movies. But I didn’t realize until I started writing these end of the year lists that the TV and movies we consume don’t score nearly as well on a feminist scale as books. Maybe because we watch more media, or don’t have to be as picky because it’s a shorter time commitment, or books have more time to flesh out characters. Either way, this list is a little shorter than I’d like (despite the many feminist reviews of TV and movies we have) and my new year’s resolution might have to be being pickier about my viewing habits! Even so, there are definitely some good recs below. Check them out:


The Danish Girl

Film poster of The Danish Girl featuring Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne“The Danish Girl is a good portrayal of the trans experience and it’s worth a watch, even if whitewashed and heavy handed with the symbolism at times. I wish Lili had had a happy ending and been able to live. That she didn’t, and there are so many sad stories in the news about transfolk, I just do need to say here to those who may be exploring now and stumbled onto this article: it is possible to go home, and it can be great.”–Paige



Batman v Superman

Gif of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman featuring her jumping into battle with a shield and sword“Wonder Woman flippin’ STOLE THE SHOW during any scene she was in. I am so excited for her standalone film coming out next year! In fact, when Wonder Woman appeared in full get up the entire theater burst into applause (the only time they did so during the film).”–Lindsey



Classic Ghostbusters logo with a cartoon ghost“When I found out that the franchise was being rebooted with an all female cast, unlike some corners of the Internet, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Showing on the silver screen that bustin’ feels good no matter if you’re a man or a woman, sign me up!”–Lindsey


Deadpool poster featuring title and Deadpool in costume making a heart with his hands“One of the reasons I loved this film so much is because Wade has so many layers. I really feel for him when he struggles with losing his good looks, and it was gut wrenching when he decided to go forward with the questionable treatment to make Vanessa happy. It completely flips upside down the trope of a woman’s death being the springboard for a plot.”–Lindsey


Fear the Walking Dead

Still of two Fear the Walking Dead characters, Madison and Alicia, from Season Two
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

“Season two is where FTWD hits its stride, and in my opinion it is due primarily to the characters Madison Clark and Victor Strand. More recently, episode eight is where the series won my heart, and it is all about the mother daughter relationships.”–Lindsey



Beautiful Bones

Image of Sakurako, main character in the anime Beautiful Bones“Sakurako Koujo is the epitome of a self-sufficient, highly intelligent and independent woman. Her skills are an asset to anyone who comes to her for help and although she has no problem being alone, she also knows that she shouldn’t go the journey by herself. Beautiful Bones is beautifully written, and I am impatiently waiting for Season Two.”–Spokhette

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Promo for Brooklyn Nine Nine, featuring the major characters“This certainly has gone above and beyond the general media for several reasons. One is the fact that the 99 has one of the most diverse cast of characters I have seen on TV today…Brooklyn 99 did a fantastic job with their cast of characters and their humor is refreshing after the first episode. Instead of making relationships and women the butt of jokes, the humor crosses over many issues from crime to Boyle’s quirkiness to Rosa’s personality to office politics.”–LA Ryter


Logo of WestworldCan any of us escape our programming? Westworld has been making waves since premiering, and with good reason. Raising questions that parallel modern feminist struggles, there’s no doubt this show will continue to grip viewers.



See something amazing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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