Did you know that the founders of Her Story Arc are starting a new venture? If you’re on our mailing list you’ve already heard the good news. F-BOM (which stands for Feminist Book of the Month) is replacing Her Story Arc’s old Book of the Month feature.

F-BOM is more than just a book club – it’s a community and a movement to support women in publishing. Members will actively be making a difference in author’s lives. Members of F-BOM get:

  • to invest in the future of women in science fiction and fantasy
  • a curated Sci-fi/Fantasy novel every quarter
  • access to private feminist community forums
  • the opportunity to smash the literary patriarchy

Moreover, the proceeds from F-BOM also support Her Story Arc writers! As of this year Her Story Arc is paying our writers $20 per article. We want to pay women for the work they do. What a concept! Sign up for the F-BOM newsletter to stay on the cutting edge of fiction.


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