We love WisCon! F-BOM founders Cecelia and Lindsey have been attending WisCon for the last 5 years and each time it has been a wonderful experience.

For those who don’t know, WisCon is a feminist science fiction and fantasy convention. Located at the Concourse Hotel in Madison every Memorial Day weekend, the con features panels, parties, speeches and readings, all with a theme of SFF and social justice.

Cecelia’s thoughts on the con:

Lindsey and I have attended as con-goers, indie authors, future business owners and now, finally, as ambassadors for F-BOM. We spent most of the weekend in the dealer’s room, handing out prizes and talking to other industry folks. Some panel highlights were the informative “Alternatives to Patreon: Direct Support to Creators” and the lively “Arab American Fantasy.” We also hosted an online Twitter “panel” on the topic “How to Find Diverse Indie Authors.”

My favorite part of the con is always the Guest of Honor speeches. This year I got to hear Saladin Ahmed and Tananarive Due, plus the Tiptree Award winner Virginia Bergin.

Lindsey’s thoughts on the con:

This con was a big deal for me because it was the first long trip I took with my newborn son, Westley. WisCon is the only convention I would bring a baby to, because I knew I would be able to breastfeed in public without feeling awkward or stared at. I spent the entire weekend at the vendor table with Westley chatting up attendees and having fun with the prize wheel. The whole event was empowering, and I felt I learned more about my son (and his travel abilities!) as well as how F-BOM resonates with customers.

That being said – I can’t wait to attend next year without a child (and maybe have a drink or two!) 😀

Check out our pictures from the weekend here:

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