It’s our birthday! 

Cecelia and Lindsey summer 18 selfie
Cecelia and Lindsey celebrating one year of F-BOM partnership!

Well, kind of. We began in November 2016 when Lindsey registered F-BOM as a business with the state of Minnesota. And before that, we were a media review blog Her Story Arc. And before that, we were Lindsey’s personal blog. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

But one year ago today we launched our first Feminist Book of the Month, Derelict, with our first author partner, LJ Cohen.


How can I become an author partner?

Even within F-BOM’s 1st official year, we’ve had a lot of changes. First of all, we grew the ways we can support women authors. These choices were natural extensions of our business model: making it easier for readers to find great books, and promoting marginalized voices.

As F-BOM got into a flow, we knew that though we weren’t big enough to start awarding grants and scholarships (one of our stretch goals), we were ready to start expanding what we could do. That’s why we:

Over the course of the year, we’ve also heard your feedback. The F-BOM community forum always has Introductions, Watercooler and Support threads. The Support thread in particular is a great place to reach out to us, and start a conversation.

Fill out our survey before July 15th and be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Because of your questions and suggestions, you can look forward to these changes over the next few months:

  • A new site design, to better integrate new features
  • A new payment portal, so we aren’t tied to PayPal
  • Perks for Founding Members–anyone who becomes an F-BOM subscriber before July 31st
  • Our first Founding Member perk? A brand new referral program!

Now, what about those stretch goals….We have lots of big plans for the future:

  • Audiobooks
  • Digital content
  • Phone app
  • Grants and scholarships
  • More F-BOMs
  • Featuring authors at cons
  • Expanding genres
  • Expanding our store

…so obviously we’ve got big plans.

But we need your help to figure out where to put our energy. Where is our next big decision? What new direction will F-BOM take in the next year? Fill out a survey to give your feedback.

Or better yet, support indie authors today by becoming a subscribing member. When you subscribe, you’re not just helping an author support herself through her art. You’re entering a community ready to disrupt the publishing industry. Join the revolution today and become a Founding Member.

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