Join us this month as we dig into The Imperial Alchemist and ask author A.H. Wang questions about her process, her characters, the plot, and everything in between. 

What inspires you to write?

It’s the magical experience of reading that inspires me to write. Ever since I learnt to read as a child, I’ve always sought for books and stories that enveloped and transported me into other worlds, and refuse to let me go until they are done with me. I’ve always wanted to be part of that transcendental beauty and truth that comes from words on a page, and I’ve always wanted to be someone who could somehow make that kind of beauty in the world, too.

Is there a particular book or series that really inspired you to be a writer yourself one day? 

I don’t think I can pin it down to just one book or one series. But when I was a kid my favourite authors were Christopher Pike and Dean Koontz (the latter was probably a bit inappropriate for my age at the time!). Their books would frequently keep me up till the wee hours of the morning, way past my bedtime.

Where and how do you write? 

I like to mix it up a bit, since different environments help me with different parts of the writing process. I range from writing with a pencil on plain paper, to scribbling on my Evernote on my phone, to using Scrivener on my laptop or iPad. I sometimes write at the office I share at home with my husband, on the train during commute, at my painting studio, at the local coffee shop, or even in the swing chair on our balcony if the weather permits!


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