Here are the winning stories from F-BOM’s Winter 2019 flash fiction contest, Across Time, judged by A.H. Wang.

Did you miss the contest this quarter? Our next topic will be revealed in May. Follow us on Facebook for updates. Click here for submission guidelines.


Saudade by S. A. Liabikhov

The fleeting scent of wet dirt took me home. I landed by a wicker basket, handpicked, of yet-unwashed mushrooms that sat with a freshly opened can of condensed milk. Sweet summer sunlight peered at me through the windows, curious and kind. I felt a familiar cheer. The soft air of August waltzed by as the honey haze of late afternoon sang its sorrows to me. Bittersweet melancholy blossomed; apprehension bloomed. Would this, too, dissolve into the golden realm of memory? Would home come again? In bursts long or short, I know it will. My summer sun would shine another day.  

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