Join us this month as we dig into Catalyst Moon: Incursion and ask author Lauren L. Garcia questions about her process, her characters, the plot, and everything in between.

What inspires you to write?

It’s hard to say. Storytelling in some form or another is something I’ve always done, from creating epic journeys for my My Little Ponies to crafting my current series. For me, storytelling is a form of artistic self-expression.

Is there a particular book or series that really inspired you to be a writer yourself one day? 

Like so many authors, I was a voracious reader growing up. Creating stories of my own seemed like a natural extension of that love of reading – and the byproduct of a hyperactive imagination. 😉 Major inspirations for Catalyst Moon include, but are not limited to: Sharon Shinn’s Twelve Houses series, Dragon Age, Star Wars, & Downton Abbey. (Plus, of course, hundreds of hours’ worth of music that would take waaay to long to list here.)

Where and how do you write? 

Wherever & whenever I can. I work full-time, so it can be challenging to find the time. Being an early riser helps, though I have been known to burn the midnight oil on weekends.

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