Here are the winning stories from F-BOM’s Spring 2019 flash fiction contest, The Burn, judged by Lauren L. Garcia.


Love by A. Rose

You see a vast expansion of emptiness. Heat roils off the ground as the sun burns the landscape of the emptiness that is your mind. A guide takes you somewhere that burns as hot as the bluest part of a flame. Search for the meaning of this place you have found. You learn that this vast expanse of emptiness is not your mind but your heart. It pounds with the heat of a thousand suns as you try to find yourself again. The burn that you feel takes over as the truth spills from inside you. The truth is love.

Impetus by Sydney T.

She closed her eyes, focusing inward, to the ember glowing her in chest. She paused to admire it, to feel the warmth, to bask in the ruby glow.

Slowly, she coaxed the energy within her, the ember growing to a flame. She shuddered as the fire raced along her limbs, licking at her skin.

She breathed in deeply, relishing the burn within her.

As the fire spread throughout her body, she kept her focus, channeling its power. Her rage was the fuel, but she needed calm to wield it.
She looked up, her eyes sparking.
“Let them come.”

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