Join us as we dig into Death Came to Dinner and ask author Dahlia Rose questions about her process, her characters, the plot, and everything in between. What advice would you give someone new to publishing?

Be open and learn everything. That way you won’t be cheated out of your work or royalties and you can take control of your own career. With that said Be open plays the most important role. Why? Because your work has to evolve, it’s never perfect as you write it. It needed edits, it needs content and character development and more. Be open to all of it because even now after 15 years, I am still learning. There is never going to be the perfect book but give your characters and your plot the spit and polish to make it shine. They are your babies they deserve the best.

Would you have done something different in your publishing process, knowing what you know now?

The path I walked was mine to take, would I change it? Not for the world! Every time I fell and picked myself back up, I had more knowledge. Every success means more to me because I worked like a demon in heels to get it. I could wish to be one of those authors who hit it big from jump, but do they know what I do about the back end of the business? *shrug* no clue. Not my circus or my monkey…well it could be my monkey, is it wearing a name tag? Okay, I’m kidding.  I do know that my work, my life, my tears, laughter, successes and failures are all a part of me and I don’t focus on the dark parts. I focus on when the sunshine broke through the clouds. I know I sound like this oddly positive person. In a way I am, but I am also very fond of gin, dancing and inappropriate things. LOL

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/Patronus?

It has always been a dragon, it’s on my shoulder as a tattoo, they’re in my books, a logo that was created for my brand. It’s just me. I am a mother, a fighter, a bitch…. I think that how the song goes.  I swear the entire 90s was my entire theme song. But yeah dragons, that’s my thing.

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