Jenn Gott Interview Two: Writing, Publishing, and Feminism

“[Feminism] definitely informs every part of my writing. Any character in my books that is of real deep importance is gonna be a woman…heroes, villains, everything in between. I did that for years…and it wasn’t until I was about 30 that I realized that that was kind of a radical act.” “Chaos writer” Jenn Gott… Read More

Jenn Gott Interview Part One: Icebreakers

It’s time to learn more about our July/August author partner Jenn Gott! To kick off our interview series, we start with some icebreakers. What is Jenn’s favorite summer activity? What Marvel movie does this superhero-writer love most? And how does she survive co-working with her husband? Find out in Part One of our interview series… Read More

Lauren L. Garcia Interview Three: Spoiler-FULL Interview

You’ve been warned! Do not watch this interview until after you’ve finished Catalyst Moon: Incursion. We talked to Lauren about the ending of the novel, whatever happens to [REDACTED], and more spoilers. At the very end, we reveal the flash fiction contest topic, before any non-members get to hear it (13 min). See Part One… Read More