Feminist Fairy Tales: Part One

Hopeful, magical, and empowering — fairy tales live on in the popular imagination through their timeless characters and imagery. Three previous F-BOM author partners, Anita Valle, Fiona J.R. Titchenell, and Intisar Khanani, have each taken on the challenge of writing a fairy tale retelling. We were lucky enough to get all three together to discuss… Read More

Anita Valle Interview Three: Spoiler-FULL Interview

It’s time for a deep dive into the world of the Dark Fairy Tale Queens. In this spoiler-full video, we’ll hear about the shadowy original dark queen and how Anita’s characters add “a more human side” (read: a little petty, vindictive, or evil side), to the original fairy tale characters. Do not watch if you… Read More

Anita Valle Interview Two: Writing and Publishing

“Write what you love to write about, not what you think other people will want to read.” Anita Valle talks about balancing art, writing, and a life full of distractions, as well as shares advice for up-and-coming writers, in Part Two of our video interview series. See Part One here. See Part Three here. Did… Read More

Anita Valle Interview One: Icebreakers

Welcome to our interview series with September/October author partner Anita Valle! Who is Anita’s favorite fairy tale princess? Why does she want to travel to Europe? And how did her enduring love of fairy tales lead her to create a Cinderella who “doesn’t always take the high road”? In Part One, we ask Anita a… Read More