Briana Lawrence On How She Writes

Join us this month as we dig into magnifiqueNOIR and ask author Briana Lawrence questions about her process, her characters, the plot, and everything in between. What inspires you to write? Writing is one of those things I can’t imagine not doing, and inspiration comes from all sorts of things. Friends. Family. A TV show or… Read More

magnifiqueNOIR: I Am Magical: F-BOM Book of the Month Review

Here’s our spoiler-free review of magnifiqueNOIR Book One: I Am Magical by Briana Lawrence. Get your copy by becoming a member today and then join us in the member portal to get your questions answered by Briana! One doesn’t have to be a Magical Girl anime aficionado to appreciate magnifiqueNOIR. This is story about friendship,… Read More