The Well Written Female Characters of Gotham

If you haven’t watched Fox TV’s Gotham yet stop reading this post and read my spoiler-free introduction -unless you are one of those people who likes to know what will happen at the end of a series before you even start watching it. ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** As with many things, Gotham has its fans and its haters. Most of… Read More

Gotham Didn’t Let Us Down

Check it out ladies! Gotham, the Batman origin TV series that just premiered Monday, September 22nd on Fox, did women a heckuva lot of justice. Without giving to much away, here are five reasons you need to add Gotham to your Monday night schedule. 1. Young Cat Woman. The first episode opens with actress Camren… Read More

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman

A few weeks ago my SO stopped by the comic book store for our latest comic book haul. For other comic newbies like myself out there, there is a cool thing where you can subscribe to certain comics and the store will set aside your issues in a pile which you can pick up anytime you want. I… Read More