Into the Drowning Deep: A Feminist Book Review

In 2015, Imagine Entertainment sent a ship filled with media personalities, scientists, and crew to discover whether or not mermaids exist. No one truly expected for the made-for-TV voyage to be successful, but when the ship turned up weeks after being lost at sea with horrifying video and no bodies, it was obvious they had… Read More

Feminist Book Review: Illuminae

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT ZOMBIES IN SPACE. Not really, I mean, there a lot more going on than that in this ambitious book. But nothing gets people’s attention like zombies in space. Presented as a dossier of IM, email, video, transcripts, diary entries and more, Illuminae is a modern epistolary novel. This format can be… Read More

Through the Looking Glass: A (not so) Warped View of Alice

Warning: *spoilers* ahead! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has become iconic, whether as an imitation of the original story or new adaptions. Alice has inspired everything from art to movies to games to story spinoffs. The book has given people pause, conjured bizarre thoughts, made us think Lewis Carol was on drugs, and twisted its way into our everyday language.… Read More