Briana Lawrence Interview Three: Spoiler-FULL Interview

“There’s no way a black mom’s not going to know something’s going on!” In this spoiler-filled Part Three of our interview series, Briana Lawrence discusses the parallels between superpowers and sexuality, the “mental gymnastics” of having to come out repeatedly, and how she wanted to represent self-discovery and trauma in magnifiqueNOIR. Do not watch if… Read More

Briana Lawrence Interview Two: Writing and Publishing

“I wanted more representation, but I didn’t think I could be the one to do it.” Briana Lawrence talks about how a snowstorm helped create her magical girls, how her wife convinced her to “make them all queer”, and how it’s ok to ask for support in Part Two of our video interview series (22… Read More

Briana Lawrence Interview One: Icebreakers

“When you say you’re a writer people assume you’re just sitting there…” Welcome to our interview series with November/December author partner Briana Lawrence! What was Briana’s first anime? Can she choose a favorite cosplay?? In Part One, we ask Briana a series of icebreakers to get to know her better, then get into her busy… Read More