The Romance You Need on Christmas Eve

It is that magical time of year where multiple holidays stack up against one another and people are feeling festive. In the spirit of holiday-time, the December Her Story Arc Book of the Month we’ve selected is a Christmas short story collection self-published by four women. “Four Fantastical Christmas Romances” features four unique stories, each… Read More

So what is this “Orphan Black” show everyone is talking about?

Season 3 of the critically-acclaimed, certifiably bad ass BBC television show Orphan Black premiers on BBC America today. If you’ve watched the show already, prepare to have all your feelings validated by this post. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to block off an afternoon to get up to speed. I ended up watching season 1 of Orphan Black last… Read More

Sailor Moon Crystal Act VIII: Minako

Warning: Spoilers Be sure to check out the Sailor Moon Crystal Page for reviews of Acts I through VII in case you missed them! I was a bit delayed in watching the latest Sailor Moon Crystal episode due to being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding last weekend, but something tells me that Usagi would be… Read More