First, a positive update on the Missing Nigerian Girls. I’m proud to be Minnesotan today. Seeing our representative Amy Klobuchar speaking with Rachel Maddow gave me the warm, political fuzzies. Even better, Nigeria accepted US offers of aide in finding the girls. Now, I am not under the impression that only the US is able to fix the world’s problems like some kind of white knight, but given the numerous other problems Nigeria is facing with bombings and violence (and even more girls being kidnapped), I’m glad they accepted the offer. Hopefully there will be a happy ending to this story. Look out for future posts on Nigeria. I hadn’t been aware of a lot of what Nigeria has been up to, but apparently they are a growing economic power (thanks to their oil) and I am definitely going to keep my ears and eyes open from now on.

Today’s feel good feminist news:

Reel Girl’s review of Her Next Chapter shows us how to talk to the younger generation about women’s misrepresentation in the media.

Some fabulous ladies remake Beyonce’s “Flawless” video in an awesome, empowering way.

Emma Stone calls for us all to stop judging ourselves and just be happy. This isn’t an easy thing to do in practice, but it is nice that more public figures are speaking out against these body image issues.

Making Strides on Curing Income Disparity: 

One Japanese Restaurant is ditching tips in favor of raising workers wages instead. This sounds way more efficient.

The CEO of Subway has come out as PRO-minimum wage increases. Finally, some common sense leaking out of Corporate America.

Look out for reports of an upcoming fast food worker strike too.

And for a truly insightful piece – check out this article from the Good Men Project.

Bask in the growing awareness of today’s biggest issues. Once you’ve got your spirits high, you’ll be ready to face the most recent climate change report.


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