Daredevil and Disability Politics

This guest post is by Elsa S. Henry of Blind Lady Versus. Daredevil is a superhero with super powers. Well, in the series he’s a vigilante with superpowers. But nonetheless, those superpowers do not make him less blind. He is still a man without sight, and because of that the way he operates in the world should… Read More

Humanism and Egalitarianism: are they Feminist Umbrellas?

Today I want to discuss feminism and how it relates to humanism and egalitarianism.  The argument I have heard, and subsequently dwelled upon, can be summed up with the following questions: Aren’t you for equality for everyone? Then why are you a feminist? Why aren’t you egalitarian? Or a humanist? Have you ever been confronted… Read More

When Lots of News is…. Good News! The World Is a Little Less Terrible Today

First, a positive update on the Missing Nigerian Girls. I’m proud to be Minnesotan today. Seeing our representative Amy Klobuchar speaking with Rachel Maddow gave me the warm, political fuzzies. Even better, Nigeria accepted US offers of aide in finding the girls. Now, I am not under the impression that only the US is able to… Read More