In the last few weeks a fantastic article written by Tasha Robinson entitled “We’re Losing all Our Strong Female Characters Trinity Syndrome” has made the rounds on the internet. She does a really good job explaining how the “strong female characters” we have seen in the latest movies are still failing female watchers. She cited the Lego Movie, The Hobbit, and How to Train Your Dragon 2 among others. But you know which movie she praised? That’s right – Edge of Tomorrow.

And I am so TOTALLY on the bandwagon.

Let’s start with the movie poster. Emily Blunt’s character is not forced into some anatomically impossible, overtly sexual or submissive pose. She is standing tall, poised, and resting on her awesome machete/sword.

In the movie we are first introduced to her in the military’s propaganda posters and advertisements. She is referred to as a the “Angel of Verdun” as she stands in the middle of a battlefield with her machete/sword resting on her shoulder. Without giving too much else away, let me just say that she is a mentor, a friend, a soldier, a human being, and a total badass until the VERY END OF THE MOVIE. We do not lose her to Tom Cruise’s character’s ambitions, or his character’s need to “protect” her at the risk of all humankind, or as a love interest, or as a sex symbol, or via a convenient death that does not help solve the problem but gives the main character the impetus he needs to save the day ten minutes before the conclusion. No, Emily Blunt stays relevant, and the day could not have been saved without her participation until the very end.

I give Edge of Tomorrow two thumbs up.




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4 thoughts on ““Edge of Tomorrow” Earned My Love

  1. Having just watched the film, I thought it was well executed and kept me engaged, until the very end when it kinda felt a bit generic (and the happy ending felt a little false)

    Definitely thought Emily Blunt could have carried the film on her own. Tom Cruise was…. Tom Cruise but he managed to keep himself under control and not totally take over every scene.

    Blunt’s sword was awesome, a repurposed helicopter rotor blade perhaps?

    Slightly offtopic. I believe the term Manknd was originally gender neutral?

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  2. Um, hi there.
    I never liked any Tom Cruise movies for the mere fact of him hogging up the movie. Anyway, I might try this one since it isn’t just about him and his being a totally heroic badass saving mankind.
    Huh. Shouldn’t that be humankind?
    Thanks for the review.
    I’ll be looking for more.


    1. Tom cruise is definitely more selfish goof than standard hero in this movie. And I’m also a big proponent of using humankind instead on mankind. I hope you like it when you see it! Definitely report back your thoughts 🙂


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