Going Beyond the Bechdel Test: Her Story Arc’s Scale of Inclusivity

Like many of you, learning about the Bechdel Test was an eye-opening moment that allowed me to better understand just how much the media industry was failing me, and my fellow women, with its limited, non-diverse representation of us. The Bechdel test has been used to explain and highlight this problem of under-representation and it… Read More

“Edge of Tomorrow” Earned My Love

In the last few weeks a fantastic article written by Tasha Robinson entitled “We’re Losing all Our Strong Female Characters Trinity Syndrome” has made the rounds on the internet. She does a really good job explaining how the “strong female characters” we have seen in the latest movies are still failing female watchers. She cited… Read More

Did You Know People are Campaigning for a NEW XENA MOVIE?!

  I had NO idea that there was an underground movement to bring Xena back via movie. Apparently, last year in an interview BAD ASS actress Lucy Lawless even detailed how she would want it to go. I have suddenly come down with Xena fever and nothing will cure it except seeing her on the… Read More

‘My Little Pony’ Meets ‘Medusa’

Sony Pictures has awesomely invited Lauren Faust, My Little Pony  creative director and executive producer, to produce a new animated comedic version of Medusa. I have seen (and heard) enough about My Little Pony to have full confidence in Lauren’s ability to turn this very gendered mythological tale on its many-snaked head. Medusa is not one of my… Read More