Hazel Jean Designs creates these awesome custom super heroines and heroes to your specifications. They allow you to purchase a doll for your child that matches their skin color, their hair color, their eye color, and their ideal super heroine/hero costume colors. You are not stuck with the pitiful options that you find in your local big box department stores or super centers. Does your daughter want a super heroine with short hair and in a black outfit with orange accent? Hazel Jean Designs will make that doll for you.

When I first laid eyes upon these dolls I wanted to flip over every obstacle between my hands and one of them, so I could hold her and play with her and pretend that I too was a super heroine. Given my reversion to childhood whenever I see a toy I want, I think it is safe to say a little girl or boy would react similarly.

In my order, I had in mind a certain little girl and so I asked for brown hair and brown eyes with white skin. I told Hazel Jean Designs to surprise me with the colors of the costume. And voila! This little heroine was born!


I can’t wait to get her in the mail. Due to my own mistake (forgetting to update my address) I haven’t received the doll yet since I didn’t live at the address I gave them anymore and she got sent back to Hazel Jean Designs. But they have been incredibly kind and patient with my ineptitude, and have bent over backwards to get this doll to me. Their customer service is phenomenal and I can’t recommend them enough.

In addition to their custom dolls, they also make super heroine and hero party sets like the one below:


Check out the Hazel Jean Designs Etsy site to see more of their products. I know this is a vendor I will be returning to again and again for all the little (and not-so-little) super heroines and heroes in my life.

You know you want one!


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