Has the euphoria of Marvel’s recent announcement that a woman will take the mantle of Thor worn off yet? No? Good! And that’s not all that’s good in the comic universe! Getting less attention, but equally noteworthy, this week is the announcement that Archie Comics will be changing one of their characters to a woman in “The Shield”. And just today it was announced that Marvel’s new Captain America will be Falcon, who was one of the first black characters in the Marvel universe.

It was also announced recently that in November, DC’s Wonder Woman (2011-) will be taken over by writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch starting with issue 36. This was not without some “foot in mouth-ness” on the part of the artist, but despite that controversy I have high hopes that having a female writer telling Wonder Woman’s story will make all the difference. In a July 1st interview at CBR Meredith had this to say:

For me, it’s just being able to write Wonder Woman. She’s really a female icon from way back in the ’70s when females were stepping up and taking such powerful roles. Being able to take on that quintessential female superhero who represents so much for myself and for millions of people out there — especially at a time where comics are coming more into the mainstream — I feel like it’s really special, and that’s really where I’m coming from when I’m writing this. I want to always keep who she is and what I believe her core is central to what I’m doing.

DC’s Batgirl is also getting a new team and a makeover, aiming for a younger, hipper demographic and “will be more like Girls and Veronica Mars, with a bit of Sherlock.”

In addition, earlier this year Marvel released new runs of Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, She-Hulk, and Elektra. I hope to read these soon, but if anyone here already has read them I’d love to hear your opinion. I recently downloaded issues 1-5 of Wonder Woman (2011-) and have just started reading them so that I will have a basis of comparison for reviewing Meredith’s issues when they start being circulated. Let’s hope they can deliver on the promises that have been made!

Aside from my obsession with the X-Men cartoon in the 90’s, I have been outside of the comic universe for awhile. I have focused on other interests, but I have also stayed away because I didn’t see much there that I felt I could relate too. Now all these  announcements have me turning my head to the comic book store. I’ve also heard some buzz on the Girl Gamers subreddit about a comic called Lumberjanes. The basic story is that five friends are trying to spend the summer together but get sidetracked with all kinds of otherworldly shenanigans.This one is officially on my to-read list.

Stay tuned for more!




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