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So many things can be said about this latest episode of Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask goes public in his search for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl brings Sailor Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury to their knees in a handful of seconds. Sailor V and Artemis make an appearance. Usagi learns Tuxedo Mask is Mamoru. So many feels!

All of these moments made this episode a real nail biter, but I ultimately walked away feeling that Usagi’s personal growth is the biggest theme of Act VI.

Half way through the episode her self doubt combined with her fear that Tuxedo Mask is not who he seems causes her physical weakness. She has a gut instinct telling her that he means her no harm, but she also trusts her friends, and their doubt sends her into a panic. She is so weak that she faints. As always, Tuxedo Mask is there to catch her. (Side note: I LOVED the cheesy music during this scene.)

I don’t feel at all that Sailor Moon’s weakness in this scene falls into the “damsel in distress” category. Usagi is a great feeler, and her emotions are always passionate regardless of what they are. That is both her greatest weakness and her greatest strength. Tuxedo Mask recognizes that in her, and encourages her to reignite the flame of positivity that gives Sailor Moon her powers. And he does this at the same time he admits his own weaknesses and mistakes.

In other words, Usagi and Mamoru feel human, and for the first time I truly believe the love they have for one another has a reason other than being merely a remnant of reincarnation.

2014-09-20 08.10.42Hands down the best line of the show is when Usagi says to Tuxedo Mask, “But I guess I just have to try harder.” She always manages to find her inner strength even when you think she has hit rock bottom.

To be honest, in the following scenes I was a bit confused that Usagi didn’t already comprehend that Tuxedo Mask knew she was Sailor Moon. I mean, he pulled her out of bed in her PJs in the last episode! I can forgive the plot hole though since Tuxedo Mask’s pep talk was perfect.

You have a special power to make everyone smile. You opened them up, and they realized their destiny as Sailor Guardians. You are the best person to be a leader.

Leadership does not mean perfection, and it does not mean strength. It means teamwork. This is one of the reasons this show is, and was, so revolutionary. It not only shows young women working together to fight evil, but it turns so many assumptions on their heads, from Usagi’s leadership, to Mako-chan’s physical strength yet feminine interests, to Tuxedo Mask’s role as supporting character. He never usurps Usagi’s place as the main protagonist, and that is so very important to see in programming for young girls.

2014-09-20 08.06.32Despite the fact we got a peak at Sailor Venus and Artemis at the end of the episode, the title of Act VII is “Mamoru Chiba”. I’m hoping Sailor V makes a second appearance though!


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