App Review: Sailor Moon Drops

The 90’s Sailor Moon anime, the manga it was derived from, and every Sailor Moon iteration since then have had American fans begging for more imported goods from Japan. Lucky for all of us, the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot in 2014 ushered in a new golden age of Senshi swag, figures, and artwork the likes of… Read More

Act VI: Tuxedo Mask Episode Review

Be sure to check out the Sailor Moon Crystal Page for reviews of Acts I through V in case you missed them! So many things can be said about this latest episode of Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask goes public in his search for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl brings Sailor Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury to their… Read More

Best Sailor Moon Crystal Episode So Far!

Be sure to check out the Sailor Moon Crystal Page for reviews of Acts I through IV in case you missed them! As my post title suggests I am of the strong opinion that Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 is the best episode so far. But before I jump into that, let’s all take a moment and acknowledge… Read More

Sailor Moon’s New Tiara: Act 4

Sailor Moon’s tiara is iconic. I recently watched the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie, which I didn’t like much, and at one point Wonder Woman uses her tiara like a boomerang. I was all like “Hey! They pulled a Sailor Moon!” In fact, if you watch a lot of cartoons you are bound to see hidden tributes… Read More

Sailor Moon Crystal Act III – Rei-chan!

Moon Pride あな ~た の 力 に なりたい ~ !! Has anyone memorized the theme song yet? I’m still working on it. Guess I haven’t been doing my Sailor Senshi homework enough. Sailor Moon Crystal Act III introduces us to Rei-chan in a pure reboot of Sailor Moon Episode 10 “Cursed Buses! Fire Senshi Mars Appears“. Episode 10 was… Read More

Sailor Moon Crystal Act II Gets a Solid A

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2, or should I say Act II, aired this morning on CrunchyRoll at 5 am. Two weeks ago I gave the first episode an A-/B+ mainly because of the music. I still haven’t changed my mind on the music (it could use some work) but they get a solid A this… Read More