I am over the moon to introduce the beginning of a new facet of Her Story Arc today. On Sunday, October 26th myself, Jen Stayrook, and Lindsay Ann met on Google Hangouts and recorded our conversation. We’ve turned that conversation into a podcast that covers topics ranging from the male gaze in Anime, to character development in Outlander, to how to get more women involved in the creation of media we enjoy.

Not to toot our own horn, but during the podcast Jen wished longingly for a Captain Marvel movie, and voila! Guess what was announced this week? Clearly our podcast is magic. If you listen to it, you’ll be magical too!* And you’ll be really really cool. And awesome. So what are you waiting for? ^_^

*Actually you won’t gain any magical powers.


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6 thoughts on “First Podcast! Topic: Representation of Women in the Media

  1. Will you be providing transcripts for your pod casts? Right now, these audio recordings are not accessible for deaf people like me, or hard of hearing people, or people with auditory processing disorder. Since the Her Story Arc about us page says you’re welcoming to feminists who are people with disabilities, I thought you would want to address this accessibility barrier.


    1. Thank you so much for letting me know Andrea. I’m really sorry that we haven’t provided transcripts, and I’m glad you pointed it out to me. We are striving to make our website friendly to everyone, and it’s clear we have failed in this area. I will certainly bring this to the top of my list of priorities and try to address it as soon as we can. We run on volunteers, so it may not be prompt, but it will happen. Thank you again for your feedback! It is with lots of input that we can make our site better.


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