The Body Positivity Podcast: “We are MORE than the size of our thighs!”

Welcome to HSA Podcast #5! Tina & I share our stories and delve into just what it means to be body positive. It’s not as simple as saying “love yourself”, a phrase which leaves room for misinterpretation. Instead it is a personal journey, and a necessary one, in an era where documentary’s like “Killing us… Read More

March Podcast: Women’s History VS “Historically Accurate” Fiction

In honor of Women’s History Month we’ve dedicated an entire podcast to discussing the phenomenon of content creators using the excuse of “historical accuracy” for the inaccurate portrayal (or non-portrayal) of women in various forms of media. Tina, Lindsay Ann, Reesha, and Lindsey debated how women are failed by this excuse and deliberated on why… Read More

February Podcast: The Myth of the “Fake Geek Girl” & Other Sexist Phrases

This month we tackled the use of the phrases “not that kind of girl” (and “not that kind of guy”), “one of the guys”, and the “fake geek girl”. The conversation took many turns, but ultimately we look into the future and predict things are changing for the better. Note: The book “Guyland” by Michael… Read More

First Podcast! Topic: Representation of Women in the Media

I am over the moon to introduce the beginning of a new facet of Her Story Arc today. On Sunday, October 26th myself, Jen Stayrook, and Lindsay Ann met on Google Hangouts and recorded our conversation. We’ve turned that conversation into a podcast that covers topics ranging from the male gaze in Anime, to character… Read More