I’m so excited to be back! I super missed you all! I’ve been wanting to do another Fangirling post for a while now, and I decided that I should write one about Angel Dynamite. If you don’t know who she is, (Where have you been?!) She is a DJ, martial artist, and all around bad ass character in Mystery Incorporated. I touched on (briefly) about my love of this show in this article .


Mystery Incorporated is the latest reincarnation of the Scooby Doo animated series. The difference between this series and the others: it’s the ONLY series with a continuous story arc. It also includes a wider range of characters of Color and I decided that I wanted to talk about Angel Dynamite. Here are 5 reasons, you should be fangirling.

5. She’s the first reoccurring African-American female character in Scooby-Doo History. She is a mentor and confidant for the gang, as they are approached by Mister E, to solve mysteries all over their beloved Cabot Cove. She runs the radio Station there, where Fred works part-time. It is a regular hang out spot. The show has a 60’s/70’s aesthetic although their equipment and surroundings seem to be of this decade.


4. She isn’t just a two-bit character. You see her character grow and flourish while she decides how to deal with her torn feelings. She is tossed back and forth, having to choose sides between Mister E, who she loves romantically, and the gang, who she cares for and nurtures as their mentor.

3. Her Badass Kung Fu Skills. This series is a lot more violent than the others but not in a bad way. Just in a more realistic way. If you are discovering that someone is up to no good, and you confront them, they aren’t just going to be like “Welp, okay take me to jail”, they’re going to put up a fight. You saw bombs, explosions, and illusions of death in this series. I feel like it was the series for all the older fans of the show. It was our homage. Angel shows off her martial arts skills multiple times during the series, including fighting another Mister E protege, a crazy robot, and some monkeys.

2. Her style is so dope! From Pantsuits, to adorable midriff tops and bell bottoms, Angel Dynamite is always styled to a T. I dream of her closet.


1. A lot of people think that she is a traitor, and almost a pseudo villain for the show. They’re wrong.The amazing thing about Angel is that her story is about redemption and her ultimate sacrifice. She did a lot of wrong things with a lot of wrong people, but that doesn’t mean that she herself was a bad person. She worked tirelessly almost every episode to make up for the mistakes of her youth. She is a beacon of hope for those who hope to turn a new leaf.


Have you seen Mystery Incorporated? Did you like Angel Dynamite? Tell me all about it! I absolutely love talking about Scooby Doo, let’s chat on Twitter!

Stay Nerdy Guys,



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5 thoughts on “Fangirling: Angel Dynamite

    1. Oh, I don’t have the confidence for that. But it was awesome to see a black female character on television that wasn’t used as a joke, and owned her body. Representation is important. Thanks for Reading!!


  1. I had no idea they made a new scooby doo. I LOVED that show as a kid, but the most recent versions I saw from a few years ago were just rubbish. This sounds MUCH better. I can’t wait to watch it ❤


    1. What’s New Scooby -Doo wasn’t bad but anything since was. Mystery Inc is that perfect mix of new and old. Homages to what made Scooby Great, They even bring back old characters like Vincent Van Ghoul from the 13 Ghosts series.

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