Join us as we dig into Death Came to Dinner and ask author Dahlia Rose questions about her process, her characters, the plot, and everything in between. Who is your favorite character of your own?

That is a tough one, because after hundreds of characters, I have a few. I think my Paladin Warriors are my favorite. The twelve warriors of Paladin I created my own world and everything about them until they became this whole other place in my head that I can visit. Lavender grass, waterfalls and dragons roaming the sky. But there was no poverty, and everyone had their fair share, I think I made a world reflected in what I wanted for this one we live in along with that. I made these heroines from the human world that fit in lit puzzle pieces with their dragon mates. Each of these women can keep these large men in check and fight alongside them.  There are ten books out now in that series and the eleventh will be out either November or December of this year finishing up the series.

What’s your favorite place to write?

Ok so my husband built me this amazing office with Dr. Who and coffin bookcases so much cool stuff that I love. You would have to see it. I have all my cool memorabilia and tons of books and reference library in there. It’s separated from the house and I have a patio and deck chairs and everything. Here’s the problem, where I first pick up my computer is where I end up writing. That’s usually in bed with the smart tv on to Netflix or the ID channel. Plus, my darling husband likes to infiltrate when I’m out there working, and I don’t get the peace I want from him or the horde aka the kids. So, It’s usually my bed with my comfy socks on, a hot cup of tea and the ID channel telling em about murders.

Can you tell us anything about Aurora’s endgame? Do you know what you want for her at the end of the series?

Aurora and Andy both have a big roll to play in the series, some tragic but mostly to unify them in a destiny that was meant for them both. Lovie knows and she also knows that the choices she makes could either help her bestie Aurora or make her jump that fine line that Lovie herself has to walk even in death. But the endgame is evolution of her power, her life and love with Andy even the parts her friends play like Beaver… It all ties together. Mwhahahahaha! 

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