Why ‘Overwatch’ Gives Me Hope for Diversity in Gaming

This weekend I found myself engrossed in the open beta for Overwatch, the latest game from Blizzard that has been hyped non-stop across the Internet since its unveiling at BlizzCon 2014. Overwatch is being sold vaguely as a “multiplayer first-person shooter,” but the game’s emphasis on team objectives and cooperative play means it’s more like… Read More

The Dark, Gruesome, and Oddly Feminist World of “Hannibal”

If you haven’t heard of NBC’s Hannibal by now, I can only imagine it’s because you’ve taken some sort of masochistic sabbatical from the Internet for the past 3-4 years. This show has sparked a truly dedicated and somewhat intimidating fanbase (the Fannibals), is driven by some of the best acting and writing I’ve seen… Read More

Women-Friendly Gaming: Child of Light

Child of Light is a stunningly beautiful, endearingly sweet, and story-driven 2D RPG/adventure/side-scrolling game by Ubisoft Montreal with a turn-based combat system. The protagonist, Aurora, is a young, red-headed princess in an iconic yellow dress who wields a sword nearly as large as she is. As Aurora (and you, the player) fly through ­­Lemuria, with… Read More

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo: Sum-Up and Some Pictures

Last weekend (April 16-19th) I attended the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Calgary, Alberta. This was my fourth year attending the Expo, my third year actually designing and wearing a costume, my second year attending while not extremely hungover, and my first year attending without the second half of my original OTP (my best… Read More

Doing the ‘Bramance’ Right (Or Why Parks and Recreation is a Revelation)

My favourite movie of all time, unequivocally, is Superbad. Do I love it because it’s a hilarious big-screen introduction to Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as social outcasts who just want to get laid? Obviously. Do I love it because it features a then-mostly-unknown Emma Stone portraying a high school girl who is actually funny… Read More