Book Series Review: Memoirs of Lady Trent

I just finished the third Memoirs of Lady Trent novel and am just starting to dig into the fourth and most recent. I’ve loved this series from the beginning though, so I couldn’t wait to review it for Her Story Arc. The series follows Isabella, the future Lady Trent. Growing up in an alternate universe very… Read More

“Turquoiseblood” features 2 Timelines & 2 Bad Ass Women

I have been waiting to read Turquoiseblood for a long time. In fact, it was through author Cecelia Isaac’s preliminary work on this title that I came to meet her. Our paths first crossed at the East St. Paul writer’s group where I was quickly impressed with her writing. After only a few conversations I invited her to help me… Read More

“Yes, I’m a Dungeon Master. Yes, I’m a Woman” Part 4: Worldbuilding

If this is your first time reading this blog series, check out parts One, Two, and Three! I have to start this post off by giving a special thanks to Gygax Magazine and /r/DungeonsAndDragons for being so supportive of the blog series so far. I have also received personal messages, public comments, Facebook shares, and retweets from… Read More

Dealing with Dragons Review

When I was told that Patricia Wrede‘s Dealing with Dragons book had knights, dragons, princesses, talking frogs, wizards, and witches in it, I probably made a weird, scrunched up face. It sounds like the typical damsel in distress (and there are some of them in the story) in a fantasy setting. But Dealing with Dragons is not quite… Read More

Dragonflight Dreams for the Holidays

If you are an Anne McCaffrey fan like myself you were floating on air the day you found out that Warner Bros. would be making a Dragonflight movie, and you were winking in out from between when the screenwriter was confirmed! The flame to complete my original paperback collection of the Dragonriders of Pern series was… Read More

Playing Another Life — Dungeons and Dragons Learning Diary 1

With being such a fan of fantasy, it seemed odd that I’d never played Dungeons and Dragons. But it’s difficult as an adult isn’t it? We’ve all moved across the country in different directions, and booking long trips home every other week to make a group isn’t feasible. There’s things like work getting in the… Read More