What would you do if Neil Gaiman read your short story?

Last year I had the good fortune to meet new author Kate Bitters at my local writer’s group. She has a truly awesome story to tell. Not only has she published her first book (and is about to publish two others!), but her own short story was hand picked by the NPR radio show “Wits”  and read on… Read More

Growing up Geek: The Origin Story

At the still young age of 26 I have been increasingly reflective of my childhood years and trying to figure out what has influenced me the most. How did I become so interested in fantasy, science fiction, and feminism? My earliest memories are of living on the Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn, New York. My father… Read More

1 Bus, 2 Women, 6 Months, & Hundreds of Interviews

A few days ago Holli and Sara, the Directors of The Goddess Project, reached out to me asking for help supporting their Kick Starter campaign. I had never heard of the project before, and I didn’t know who Holli and Sara were, but I took a look at their site and was impressed by the sheer amount… Read More