Want It All? Don’t Mind If I Do.

I imagine most of us have run up against the nonsense of “fake geek girl” at one point or another. It’s ridiculous and insulting but it’s there: “Girls are only participating in fandom/going to cons/reading comics/etc. so boys will like them but they don’t actually know what they’re talking about/care/understand every detail of the canon.”… Read More

Take Back the Cloth: Empowerment Through Cosplay

Halloween is around the corner and people are preparing for costumes.  It seems that walking into a Halloween store, however, is indicative of walking into a Victoria’s Secret: scant cloth and seductive poses are all that women often have to choose from.  There is acceptance of objectification of women in the cosplay realm because it’s… Read More

Growing up Geek: The Origin Story

At the still young age of 26 I have been increasingly reflective of my childhood years and trying to figure out what has influenced me the most. How did I become so interested in fantasy, science fiction, and feminism? My earliest memories are of living on the Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn, New York. My father… Read More

Graffiti Rogue Tank @ HerUniverse.com – Yes, I want it!

So I was a little bit skeptical at first when I learned about HerUniverse.com and the new women’s clothing line that they would be selling. The original ads I saw seemed to emphasize the male heroes morphed into feminine clothing. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that – there are lots of ladies out… Read More