So I was a little bit skeptical at first when I learned about and the new women’s clothing line that they would be selling. The original ads I saw seemed to emphasize the male heroes morphed into feminine clothing. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that – there are lots of ladies out there who are big fans of them! But I was hoping for more of the female characters I know and love to make an appearance.

And look! Yay! A super awesome Rogue T-shirt that I will definitely be purchasing when I get my next paycheck (or maybe the paycheck after that, depends on the bills…)

Find the entire collection at

There’s even stuff for the kiddos ~

Jedi Training Youth Tee

I’m excited to see what other products they come out with in the future. As with any business, they will try their best to meet customer needs IF WE TELL THEM WHAT WE WANT. Best way to do that is with your dollars and cents. Support the products of our heroines!


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